Have you ever wanted to study Italian in a beautiful setting in Italy?

Would you like to combine that with cultural, food and/or wine excursions?

Here is your answer...


La Lingua La Vita

Italy’s first language school without walls...

... located in Todi, Umbria, a setting of rich historical memory and surrounded by the evocative landscapes of central Italy... the ideal place to relax, learn Italian, become absorbed in the daily life of Italy... all in a stress-free environment.
- Perhaps you would like to socialize with strangers but are reluctant because you don't speak their language or know their customs?
- You’d like to travel abroad but haven’t taken the first, all-important step of learning a foreign tongue?
- Perhaps your experience with traditional schools and teachers hasn’t been that great?
- Or maybe you’ve just never taken the time to enroll in courses for your own personal growth and enjoyment?

Now is the time to discover a new way of learning!

... imagine yourself taking trips into the countryside along with your interesting and competent native-speaking instructors; emerging yourself in the intricacies of whatever language interests you; watching and enjoying films in their original tongue; playing games in your target language and taking trips to cultural events, art museums, historic sites - and then holding discussions on topics you find intriguing. You’ll also have the possibility to partake of local Umbrian culinary flavors - while sitting outdoors under flowering arbors or secluding yourself in Medieval rooms decorated with centuries-old frescos - and always with your own personal instructor.

These are just a few of the possibilities offered by La Lingua La Vita.



Special prices on two, four and one week language and cultural classes in charming Todi.

Click here to download the information sheet and then contact us to help you with registration.

Italian Language Courses

Group Courses (20 hours per week):
For a minimum of four students and a maximum of eight, these courses are comprised of four hours of lessons each morning from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, making a total of twenty hours per week. Our groups are usually a mix of different world cultures - American, English, Japanese, German, Polish, among others - yet blending in a homogenous Italian language level.

Courses for Two or Three (15 hours per week):

With two to three students, these courses run only when the minimum of four students required to initiate a Group Course is not met. The price is the same as for Group Courses and the ambiance is a bit more intimate, each student receiving more personalized attention.

Individual Courses (10 hours per week):
For one student only, these courses run only when the minimum of two students required to start a semi-individual course is not reached. The price is the same as for the Group Courses yet, as one can imagine, the student has the benefit of the full attention of the instructor.


Italian Culture Studies
These afternoon Italian cultural lessons aim to integrate the language instruction offered in the morning.  Based on the student’s preferences upon their arrival - art, music, crafts, cooking, opera, archaeology, etc. - La Lingua La Vita staff will arrange experts for seminars and/or personal sessions that match the expressed interests of the students.   Some of the exciting programs you can choose from are:

  • Cooking Lessons

  • Pottery Lessons

  • Painting and Drawing Courses

  • Visits to Craftsmen's Workshops

  • Guided Excursions to Villages and Castles

  • Wine Tasting in the Old and Famous Local Winemaking Regions

  • Tours of Archeological Sites

  • Seminars on Literature, Cinema, Art, Politics or Music

Click here to download complete Cultural Activities with description and prices.


Your accommodation options for your stay in Todi:

Stay With a Host Family:

Having been selected personally by the owner and founder of La Lingua La Vita, our host families are warm and hospitable and most have been working with us for many years. They have been carefully chosen because of their strong moral values and their ability to both enrich the students’ understanding of the local cultural background, as well as to offer an opportunity for further communication in standard Italian through involvement in every day social and community life. All of our host homes are close to Todi’s historical center - a maximum of fifteen minutes away by foot, where students may stay in comfortable single rooms often with a private bath. Breakfast is included.  For an extra fee (see below), lunches and dinners can also be provided.  Families are available to help students find medical assistance should this be necessary and they freely offer transportation back and forth from the Todi train station and bus depots.

Stay in Your Own Private Apartment:

Our rental apartments are also all located in Todi’s historic center - unless, upon request, you prefer a situation in the countryside. (For those who choose a country dwelling, use of your own personal or rental vehicle is recommended.) The apartments vary in size depending upon your needs and are located within charming and fully restored antique dwellings and elegant buildings. All are self-catering, fully furnished and supplied with linens and all modern comforts.

La Lingua La Vita staff make a point of ensuring a comfortable stay over in which students may reach everything they need on foot without having to resort to public transport or to make long trips. This policy frees more time for communication endeavors and permits you to enjoy the pleasures of the city without stress.

Additional Options

“A Professor, A Friend”
This is a new format allowing students to have a private instructor completely at his/her disposal during various daily activities. Students can ‘book’ their favorite teacher to accompany them on walks, to sporting activities, to take car trips, have lunch or dinner in local restaurants, or just to chat while queuing at the post office or at the bank. This course is totally flexible in terms of the student’s own needs and priced accordingly.

Professional Courses
These courses offer a good answer to the increasing demand of learning Italian for business purposes. The number of managers, specialists, officials and professionals utilizing La Lingua La Vita to acquire the level of proficiency in Italian required by their respective work is ever increasing. The most popular format is the intensive course, ensuring the quickest and easiest way of learning. The courses can be held externally (in apartments, country houses or at the firm itself). For further information please contact Passionate Palate Tours directly.



(US Exchange Rate ($) will be calculated on day of booking)


One Week with a Host Family Half-Board:  €485,00

Two Weeks:  €890,00

(Half-Board is breakfast plus one meal a day - lunch or dinner.  It is possible to choose a "full board"/3 meals per day option with some of the families.  There would be an extra €8,00 per day fee that would be paid directly to the family.)

One Week with your own Apartment: €465,00

Two Weeks:  €815,00

(If you would like to share an apartment or will be traveling with someone, please inquire with us for those rates.)

There is a €50.00 enrollment fee per person.


To register for La Lingua La Vita Italian language and cultural programs, please call or email us for the pre-application form, which needs to be submitted at least 30 days prior to arrival.  Please wait for the receipt of our confirmation and the follow the instructions for completing your registration.

Passionate Palate Tours strongly recommends not making your flight reservations until your reservation is confirmed.


All cultural programs are arranged and paid for separately upon arrival.



The closest major airport to Todi is Rome-Da Vinci (Fiumicino).  Train service is available, with change of trains to Todi from the Rome airport.  A taxi from the airport to Todi would cost approximately €180,00, payable to the taxi driver.

Six (6) nights' accommodations, Monday-Friday language courses, entry test, application form, map of Todi, Tour of Todi, Italian film showing, course book and materials, cultural activities and Welcome Card and Folder.

Airfare, transportation to and from Todi, meals not covered with Host Family, personal expenses, apartment heating and everything not mentioned in "Included" are not included.










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